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Digimon Soldiers
About the Series


About the Series
Reading the Story

Digimon what's the deal?

Aah...Sitting in the back of a car, letting my imagination run wild...

So begins the project that I, Little Rabbit (known on as Little Rabbit f/LRPLI) started on my way to Colorado (yes, where that one kid in the Digimon Movie lives).  I live on the East Coast.  And so, I was dragged out of the house (I can't drive.  I couldn't drive if my life depended on it), seated in the backseat with only a notebook, and forced to ride for 20 hours throughout Kansas and other completely uninteresting places.  (I'm not saying Kansas is uninteresting, it's just the portion I saw while going 80 MPH down I-70.)
Did I mention I had my CD player?  My dad had taken KaZaA off his computer, which means no new songs for me to burn on my CDs.  (Wahhhh) But, before he took it off, I was able to get a couple of songs-one of them "The Biggest Dreamer", by Kouji Wada.  (The opener for Tamers, for those of you who live under a rock)
So you pretty much know the song I listened to for 20 hours straight.  I had other songs on there, too, like "When I Become A Bird" from Corrector Yui (that is an sugoi song!!!) and "Tobira Wo Akate" from Cardcaptor Sakura. 
And then the idea came to me.  The idea for Digimon Soldiers.
At first, DS started out as something I started on my computer, by doing something where five kids from Japan go to the Digital World, meet up with Tawnymon, get their own Digimon, and defeat some evil dude.  (Hahahaha)  Now, there's a few differences there.  Five kids from around the world go to the Digital World (one at a time, ONE AT A TIME!!!), meet up with Tawnymon (who is more of an idiot now), do NOT get their own Digimon (though I may change that, if you guys want it) and-oh, boy-defeat some evil dude.  (Hahahaha)
I had completely forgotten the character's names, except for Tamasine.  (Which means "twin."  And explains the whole thing at the beginning of chappy 1.) All I remembered was Tamasine, some innocent tough girl (like Rika or Storm from Digital Travelers), a loner (Think Koji), a complete ditz (Kiara if you've ever read DT), and a little dude. (Tommy, Izzy, T.K...the list goes on)
Since I-70 was flat, and I mean FLAT, I could draw my pictures in the backseat without any problem.  Tamasine Rakisu, Rifka Moscavitz, Jason Jones, Rosa El Quiro, and Jen Ling Xiao.  (There's also another character, but I'm not telling you about that YET.  You'll just have to read the story.)
But I think I've been ranting on enough.  Just click some other mindless link and we'll get started...


The LRPLI (Little Rabbit Power & Light International) is responsible for many works (points), such as Digimon Soldiers.

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