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Digimon Soldiers


About the Series
Reading the Story

Tamasine Rakisu



Usually Tamasine has a lot of patience, because, like I said, he's got a lot of siblings that take some of his patience away. He's also really determined: if there's something he wants or if everyone else has backed off on a fight, he'll be the one to keep fighting. He seems to understand everyone and therefore becomes the mediator and the leader of the group. Sometimes, he says the others are "a whole bunch of babies," especially when Rifka and Jason are in one of their fights. But everyone sees Tamasine as a leader, and they'll usually follow him in the end.

Rifka Moscavitz



Despite her bringing up practically on the streets, Rifka is a sweet and charming little girl. She was surprised when the visitor from Japan (Tamasine) came to Russia to find her. Rifka oftentimes thinks she's nobody special, she's just a helper in the big plan of life, and in turn, the Digimon Soldiers. If somebody else steps in to fight for the Senshi, she'll just slink back, thinking nobody will need her, just like nobody needed her in Russia. It takes Tamasine and a lot of convincing from the other Senshi-time and time again-to get Rifka back into action. Rifka has a small crush on Tamasine, however, Jason usually teases her about it, which often leads to fighting.

Jason Jones



Brought up in an orphanage, Jason is the lone wolf of the group. He is the one who usually starts the fights within the group, using his fists and words to get his way. If you EVER hear a cuss word in Digimon Soldiers, it will most certainly fly out of Jason's mouth. Usually, Rifka can't stand this, which usually leades to fighting between the two, and Rifka most oftentimes getting hurt. Tamasine usually monitors the two, and with his understanding will, tries to find out why Jason acts this way. Jason's never had friends before, maybe that's the problem...?

Rosa El Quiro



Rosa is most oftentimes the resource of the team. Tamasine often asks her for advice; she gives her point without forcing it out of her. Sometimes, Rosa seems like the only member of the team, since Jason and Rifka are too fussy at times. She can sometimes lose her cool and become the ditzy one of the group, but since she's the oldest of the group, she's also the smartest. Since she's 16, she has her license to drive, and that comes in handy when driving across the Digi-World.  She's older than the other characters and uses this to her advantage (especially with Tamasine and Jason...if you get my drift).

Jen Ling Xiao



Jen is the smallest of the Digimon Soldiers, he is usually quiet and keeps to himself. He befriends Tamasine after he says that he'll take Jen on a great adventure. Usually, Jen sticks by Tamasine, saying he's "the brother I never had". Whenever he's in trouble, he'll call for Tamasine first. Perhaps Jen's attraction to Tamasine has something to do with his family...Well, it's got to do with something. Jen's also a computer whiz-he could take you to any website in approximately 3.45 seconds or less. Sometimes he seems like a genius, but he says it's nothing. He's friendly most of the time and is the sweet, innocent one of the group.



Tawnymon is the Calumon/Bokomon/Neemon of the series. He's followed around Tamasine from day one, and he always gives Tamasine advice. He can also tell what Digimon it is they're fighting, and tells Tamasine where the legendary Digimon Soldiers are and gives them their D-Fights. He's also an adorable little thing that Rifka and Rosa have both fallen in love with.

Yeah, I know, the picture needs work, but at least it's accurate.

AKA "The Annoying One"