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Magic Knights-Next Generation

Little sister of Odera


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Nekoshi Kamiyama

  • Birthday: August 11th
  • Favorite color: Orangish-red
  • Element: Water
  • Doesn't like: Getting up early
  • Loves: Watching anime

Kind of a quiet person, but that doesn't stop her from being a good friend. She likes to observe many things and is really into anime. She always carries around something to read, and likes to draw the characters. She doesn't mind fighting, as long as it isnt in the morning. Shes used to getting drug around everywhere by her sister, but shes no pushover. She has many exotic habits that the others find interesting. Shes always having to teach them something or other. Shes calm and collective, and full of common sense. Her true self shines through when she finds something funny or interesting.