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More Information: all you've ever wanted to know about the woman behind the sights, the sounds, and the website.
About Me
Statement of Faith
About Me + Statement of Faith + History

So what's your A/S/L?

I'm one of those traditionalists who believes you shouldn't give out your age, but I graduated from Miami University in 2010; do the math. I'm clearly female, and I have lived most of my life in the Midwest (born a Buckeye, bred a Hoosier). Because of circumstances I am not allowed to tell you about, I am currently living in THE New York City and LOVING IT.

So why are we here?

You are here because I sent you here, or you received a business card, or you've heard about me, or -- oh, I don't know exactly! You're here because you typed the URL into your browser and pressed Return. That's all I know. But I figure you are here to learn a little bit more about me, and this website will give you that information.

Who are you as an artist?

I do everything.


Reeeeeeally. Yes. Really.
Okay, maybe I don't do everything professionally, but here's an idea of what I might do as an artist: I alter clothes and paint them, then wear them to amusement parks. I write fanfiction and fan radio dramas. I have two packs of 96 crayons in my apartment (I inherited one from work). This is in addition to the music I write, the books I write, the drawings I do.
As a "professional" artist (haha), I wish to be a writer, and also a musician. I have some problems with the whole celebrity thing, as in I wish to be known because I am me and not because I am related to somebody or because I look pretty. It took me a long time to get over the fact that people did not want me to become rich and famous and just wanted me to be, well, me, so it means a lot to me.

Do you have a theme? My theme as an artist is color.
It may be weird having me say this, but it's true.

What is SOSI/Cap-Sid?

SOSI/Cap-Sid is the company name by which I do all of my publishing. Sometimes I publish under different names (see below), and SOSI/Cap-Sid is the way of knowing that what is being published is still me. I've been publishing under this name for years.

What are your external links?

You can find me at Facebook under my real name, Emily Imes. If you friend me, please make sure I know you, because I rarely accept requests from strangers. I do have a fanpage up, but it is rather sparse, and one for SOSI/Cap-Sid as a whole is in the works.
My Twitter handle is SOSICapSid, found here. There is a good chance I will follow you if you follow me.
My blog, The Memorial Rainbow, is found both on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. Either one is fine for following, but my website links directly to LiveJournal. However, it is known that LJ is not the best as far as reliability, which is why DW exists for me. I do all of my updating straight from DW, so please let me know if an LJ entry looks weird.
My YouTube channel is at KHSMHyperSong. I've had the same name for years. My little-updated DeviantArt account is here.

There are areas online where I do see the SOSI/Cap-Sid name being used, but the writer or creative person is different. What's this about?

You've probably run into one of my alter egos, who often run my creative projects as far as fandom goes. It's still me, just under a different name.
DJ Aoiko does all of my song covers, and occasionally makes a cameo on my own tunes (most recently in Almond Dust). You can find her music on my YouTube channel.
Doujinno Sosai does all of my fanfiction writing, as well as any scanlating in the manga community. She has her own blog, which can be found here.
Stardust Flash is the host of SOSI/Cap-Sid Radio, which includes SOSI J-Pop Stop. Broadcasts are often found on my blog and on YouTube as well.

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