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My Friend Kotota

Dear Ryon,

How is it going back on Celadon? Is the planet still orbiting around that huge star? Everythings good for me on this little spaceship of mine. Im somewhat lonely up here, but its okay.

Theres still no sign of Kotota around here. Eh, I suppose Ill find him in time. What I really have my eye on is that raise. Mr. Uno said if I could find Kotota, hell give me a huge raise. Now thats what Im talking aboutmaybe a new stereo for this old spaceship.

Im not even sure of the details of this mission that Ive been sent on. All Mr. Uno talked about was that raise. All I know is that Ive got to find Kotota, that silly shapeshifter, and bring him back to Celadon.

Wish me luck!

Your Friend,


"Are we there yet, Mommy?"

Miyako continued to bounce up and down in her seat, awaiting their arrival at her school. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Miyakos mother sighed as she tried to concentrate on the road ahead. "Yes, Miyako darling, were almost there," she sighed as she continued to drive the red minivan down the road.

Miyakos ponytail danced as she bounced some more. "Yay!" she squealed.

Sighing again, Miyakos mother looked into the rear-view mirror. "I know youre excited about your first day of second grade, but would you please calm down?"

"Okay, Mommy," Miyako replied as she looked out the window. "Ooh, look, a cow! Moo"


"Sorry, Mommy. Ooh, is that a horsie? I love horsies!"

Stopping the car, the girls mother sighed again. "Were here!"

Miyako squealed as her mother breathed a sigh of relief. The red minivan slowly pulled up to the parking lot of the huge school. It slowed to a halt. Miyako grabbed her backpack and lunchbox and jumped out of the car. "Lets go, Mommy!"

Miyakos mother got out of the car, suffering from a small headache. "Thank the Lord I only have to drive you today," she said. "From now on, you ride the bus."

"Yay!" Miyako said as she skipped ahead of her mother. "I like riding the bus!"

"Good," her mother said as she let Miyako run ahead. "Im starting to dislike parental orientations"

Meanwhile, a small, blue blob awoke from its position on top of the roof of the school. Opening its beady eyes, it looked around. It could see the kids getting ready for school.

Scooting down the side of the building, the blob fell off the side and landed onto the sidewalk. It scooted across the sidewalk and into the parking lot.

Without another thought, the blob passed the red van Miyako had traveled in. It scooted itself up onto the top of the car. The blob shook a little and, satisfied it had found another good resting place, fell asleep.

By then, school had finished.

Miyako tried to push open the heavy school door. Her mom pushed it open with ease, and the young girl dashed out into the street.

"Miyako, watch out for cars!" her mother yelled. She walked towards her daughter, holding Miyakos now-full backpack.

Twirling around in the street, Miyako giggled. "Mommy, did you like my school?"

Miyakos mother smiled. "I was glad you met up with all your friends so quickly, Miyako."

"Yep. Im Speedy Gonzalez. Whoo-hah!"

Miyako sprinted toward the car. "Can we go home now, Mommy?"

"Sure," her mother said as she opened the door and strapped Miyako in. She got into the car and drove it out of the parking lot.

With the sleeping blue blob still on the cars roof.

Fifteen minutes later, the Gami family (Miyako and her mother) was pulling into the driveway of their home. Miyakos mother turned the car off as Miyako opened the sliding door and jumped out.

"You can tell Daddy about your day when he gets home from work," Miyakos mother said as the pair entered the house.

The garage became silent.

The blob opened its eyes. It stirred a little and made a small, squeaky noise. The darkness of the garage scared him.

Scooting off the car and onto the garage floor, the blob tried to see. It scooted its mass over to one corner of the garage and squeaked again.

Then, it smelled something. It smelled likewater.

Without warning, the blob scooted over to the garage door. It flattened itself and slithered underneath the door. Now outside, it became a blob again.

Scooting up the garage door, the blob kept sniffing for the water. Reaching the roof, it sniffed some more.

Then, he caught the smell of it again. He could see the water in a sink, in a bathroom on the second story. Scooting up the wall of the house, the blob scooted into the window and into the bathroom. Landing in the sink, it dissolved itself into the water.

"Miyako! Wash your hands! Its dinnertime!"

"Okay!" Miyako yelled as she ran into the upstairs bathroom. She almost turned the sink on, but she noticed there was already water in the sink. "Oops, Ill just drain this-"

The water suddenly formed itself back into the blob. Miyako watched it as it slithered onto the floor. The two beady eyes reappeared on the blob.

Miyako stared at the blob. "OohPretty!"

The blob began to stretch itself until it was as tall as Miyako. Taking on arms and legs, it transformed itself into a human-complete with hair, legs, arms, fingers, the whole nine yards.

Except it was still blue.

Miyako blinked a couple of times. Being the innocent girl she was, she went up to the blob-turned human and touched it. "Who are you?"

An orange shirt and yellow shorts appeared out of nowhere and latched onto the body of the blob. Opening his eyes again, the blob got a good, clear look at Miyako.

Then, having a mouth, he spoke.

"What did you say?"
Miyako was surprised. "Yourethatthing!"

The blob-human laughed. "Okay, Im the water that was in your sink. Im called a shapeshifter."

"A shake shiper? Whats that?"

"Shapeshifter. It just means I can turn into water. How old are you, little girl?"

It took Miyako a moment to remember. "Seven. And Im in second grade."

The blob smiled. "And whats your name?"

"Miyako Gami."

"Well then, Miyako, you have a very nice bathroom."

Miyako giggled. "You think so?"

The blob sighed. "Yep. Oh, and by the way, my names Kotota."

"Kotota. I like that."

"Miyako! Dinner time!"

Miyakos mother startled the girl. She turned on the sink and began to wash her hands. "Do you want to have dinner with us?" she asked Kotota.

Kotota shook his head. "Im water. I cant eat, remember? I can barely talk with this high-pitched voice."

"I understand you," Miyako said as she dried her hands. "See you after dinner, Kotota!"

Kotota smiled as Miyako skipped down the stairs, singing happily. Shes real cute, that Miyako, he thought. Lets hope Tatsuno doesnt find me here.