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Welcome to Stardust Express!

Welcome to Stardust Express!

In just a short while, this website will be fully functional. All of the links at the top will work perfectly, and you'll be able to see the full site. While we're waiting for the site to finish, I wanted to open the main page to give you a bit of information as to what will be here.
As stated before, my name is Emily Ann Imes. I am a multi-platform artist, working in radio, video, writing, and music. I hope to eventually showcase all of those talents here, but for right now I'm obviously going to focus on what's finished. While we wait for the rest of the website to finish, I'd like to tell you a little bit about what I have available.

Steel Angel

In 2005, I won National Novel Writing Month for the first time, writing a slice of life story set in Kansas...with a fantasy twist. Take small town life, add a girl with amnesia, put in some road tripping and a dash of espionage and you get Steel Angel. Right now, Steel Angel is available in ebook format. You can get it on the iTunes bookstore, on the Nook, and on the Kindle. As of right now, it does not have a print version, but that will be changing shortly.

Kindle + iTunes + Nook

Almond Dust

In June of 2011, I released my first widely-publicized album, entitled Almond Dust. I do have other albums, but this is the first time I've really put forth the effort and gotten my music out in the open. Almond Dust represents the best of my music that I feel I have to offer right now, and more will be coming.
You can find Almond Dust on iTunes.


That's most everything for now; I'm sorry more isn't here!
As an additional note: if you click on the Memorial Rainbow link above, you will go to my blog. Feel free to follow me, as I post often about my creative process! And thanks for stopping by!

Love and the need for speed,

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