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What exactly is Crystal Celadon???
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The Chosen Kids
The three friends who got kidnapped and sent to Tatsuno's plane-Keso, Aruko and Komi-didn't know what they were getting themselves into.  What they didn't know...was that it was their destiny...

Here's more information on the characters.


Tokeikeso "Keso" Akisu-Japan
Keso's sweet, sassy, and everything else you'd expect from a can of Mountain Dew: Code Red.  For one thing, her favorite color is red.  And once you pop the lid, there's no stopping her.
You can't see it in the picture, but Keso's short hair is bright red-like it's been dyed.  Her eyes are brown.

Brayden Komi Aldridge-Australia
Determined and full of will, Komi is oftentimes the tough and smart one of the group.  He's the first one to get in trouble because of his mouth, but when it comes to moves, he's the most athletic.  He moves the fastest...except when it comes to his left hand...I wonder why?



Aurore-Colette "Aruko" Rye-France
Quiet and shy Aruko is oftentimes the hidden one of the group.  She only gives her opinion when it's needed, and she doesn't ask questions a lot.  There's a secret to Aruko's shyness...what will it take to get it out???

Tatsuno Nishi

Tatsuno is the captain-and pilot-of the ship.  He's also a Celadon official, though not quite as official as the president.  He was sent on the mission to find Kotota and bring him back to Celadon...but he's got other ideas.


Kotota Nimineku

Kotota was the liquid shapeshifter Tatsuno was looking for on the planet Yosuka.  Innocent-and immature-Kotota seeks the good things in life.  All blue, he wears orange clothes (sometimes, other times he appears just as water to scare Keso and Aruko)because they stand out.  And that's exactly the impression Kotota wishes to make.