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Here's What It's All About

Crystal Celadon K

Keso, Komi and Aruko are kidnapped-by accident-and sent to a Celadonian spaceship.  There, they meet Tatsuno, who is on a mission to capture Kotota, a runaway shapeshifter, and return him to Celadon.  What Tatsuno doesn't know is that he's being betrayed, and that he's picking up Kotota for the wrong reasons.  If Kotota falls into the hands of the government, Celadon will fall apart for sure.
Tatsuno's only hope is the lost civilization of Crystal Celadon, and that is his new mission.  Keso, Aruko and Komi become of great help to the new outcast leader as he strives to save Celadon.  Now, the chase is on!

Crystal Celadon A

Celadon has been saved...but Keso never returned home?!?  Something's wrong here!  Komi and Aruko are called to Celadon by Takano Nishi, Tatsuno's sister, to discuss the problem.  A newcomer tags along: Kamisara Akisu, Keso's sister. 
Turns out Keso never returned home after that fateful day, even though Tatsuno escorted her to her house himself.  Now, Tatsuno's in a daze, worried sick about Keso, and Aruko will stop at nothing to find her best friend.  But as the friends go along solving their mystery, the question lies before them...Did Keso die?  Is she lost?  Or was she...kidnapped???

Current Events

The site is now up!!!  All Crystal Celadon fans, be prepared to find out more than you ever knew before about K and A!  Plus, the latest news and the stories-for the first time ever!!!

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