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Having to do homework is one thing...but getting kidnapped is another!!!

What would you do if you were a spaceship?  Freak?  Try to figure out what to do?  Or go talk to the wiseguy who set this up in the first place?!

That's exactly what Keso Akisu does.  She's a sassy 14-year old from Japan, and when she's swipped from Akita's sidewalk, she's not happy about it.  When she realizes it was a complete fluke, and that she can't get off the spaceship until she helps the captain in his quest, the first words that fly out of her mouth are "Why?"
Soon Keso, her new friends Aruko and Komi, and the captain Tatsuno are in for the fight of their lives as the story of Crystal Celadon turns not only into Tatsuno's mission but a fight for the land he lives in. 



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