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Digimon Soldiers
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A new a new section of the Digital World, threatens both humans and Digimon alike.  When five kids from around the world come together, by chance can they unlock the secrets of the Digimon Soldiers?

Meet Tamasine Rakisu.  Thirteen years old, just starting seventh grade.
Just found a stray cat in his alley.
Before he knows it, Tamasine is over his head as he gets whisked away to the Digital World.

The Latest Junk

February 6th-Added song and switched a couple of things around.
Octoer 27th-Updated chapter 3 of the story-I'll try to find a link to that for you guys.  Until then, just look up the story or something...  Also published this site for the first time.

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LRPLI 2002.  All characters are part of the LRPLI.  If permission is wanted, it must be requested (which is quite easy, just email me).  And, as always, the LRPLI is not responsible for uncontrollable fits of laughter and really crazy black cat Digimon.  (Meaning Tawnymon...)