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Magic Knights-Next Generation



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Mhera Ryuuzaki

  • Birthday: March 17
  • Favorite color: Hazel
  • Element: Earth
  • Doesn't like: Smart alecks
  • Loves: Riddles

Mhera is what someone would refer to as a "girlie-girl" and shes proud of it. She hates getting dirty, and loves dressy things. If you get her mad, youd better watch out cause shell go ballistic. After shes gotten over it, shell pretend nothing happened. You really dont want to get on her bad side. She really doesn't understand how everyone else does this "super hero stuff" as she puts it. She believes shes the only normal one, and that its up to her to keep everyone in line. Acting like a big sister, she treats the others like kids (with the exception of Ari and Nekoshi whom she treats like babies).