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Magic Knights-Next Generation


...But there is a chance, if you are willing to take it...If your children don the spirits of the ancients, this world may be saved, but 2 things must be remembered...You cannot help them, and we do not know where the resting places are...

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Hi, it's me, Sarah, Tree, Candy, Pikachu, Ari...(whatever you know me by...)  Well, in this story, I'll just go by Ari.  You see, in this story, I am Hikaru's daughter.  Many of you know, she's a Magic Knight.
And then there are my friends-the other new Magic Knights.  Let's start with Aurora, daughter of Fuu.
Aurora: Ari!  Did you forget that I'm taller than you?
Ari:  Oops, sorry...Why don't you do the next character.
Aurora: Okay, this one's Mhera: Daughter of Umi. 
Ari: Hey!  And you're saying I'm bad wtih sizes.  Mhera's supposed to be taller than you!
Aurora: Hehehe...
Mhera: That's enough...
Ari: Okay, here are the subordinates.  They have the elements of the originals.
Nekoshi: I am Nekoshi, Magic Knight of Water.
Kiara: I am Kiara, Magic Knight of Wind.
Odera: I'm Odera, Magic Knight of Fire.
Ari: Well, now that you know all of us, let's get started!!!



The LRPLI is behind some of the coolest and hip new fanfiction out there, such as Angelic Layer Team Lightning and Digital TravelersMagic Knights: Next Generation is their newest story headed by Little Kitten.