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Tarion Sky


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I2: Kyrillonic Start!

"I2: Kyrillonic Start," also known as "The Timothy Story," was started circa 1997 and finished circa 2000.

Characters and Episode Guide

Today started out just like any other ordinary day. I went to piano lessons, as usual. I got my homework done on the bus, as usual. The only thing unusual was the fact that my best friend, Sarailai, was sitting on my doorstep the moment I got home.

I couldnt exactly tell why she was sitting there, because everything was always usual with Sarailai. When I saw her today, I could automatically tell that something was wrong.

Katsumei's best friend, Sarailai, tells her of a mystical place with silver and purple streamers, only reached in a dream.  Mei goes to investigate, which leads to an adventure in a new world with her new friend, Timothy.
Before long, the world Timothy calls home is in trouble, and Mei and Sara must join together and figure out a way to help their new friend.
The first chapter in the Tarion saga, "I2: Kyrillonic Start!" is a prolouge to the rest of the Tarion saga.