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Tarion Sky


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Characters and Episode Guide

The characters in I2: KS, as well as an episode listing.

Sarailai Mirai
The first one to go to the Firehouse World, although she doesn't stay.  Katsumei convinces her to go back, but when they do...She manually saves the Firehouse World from destruction.
Katsumei Tasuko
She is the second one to go to the Firehouse World.  When she arrives there, Timothy gives here a purple bead.  She saves the Firehouse World from destruction using a magic (Could it possibly be an early form of the Tarion?).
Lives in a firehouse.  Gets captured by the Tube World boss.
Tube World
The evil dude in the story.  Cue laughing.
Princess Bunnyrabbit
Lives in a castle beyond the wooden wall.  Helps Katsumei defeat the evil.

There are thirteen episodes.
1: My Stars!  Dreams and Reality
Sarailai swears she saw purple and silver streamers...yet there's none there.  When Katsumei goes back in the night, she visits Timothy.
2: My Secret!  Keep This World Secret
Timothy finds his new friend Katsumei interesting.
3: Love This World! 
Katsumei goes back time after time...then starts to forget about the world she found...
4: Los Dos Aņos!  The Mystery in the Diary
After two years, Mei and Sara go back...only to find their world in ruin!
5: Princess Bunnyrabbit!  Tell The Two What To Do
Princess Bunnyrabbit tells Katsumei the bead Timothy gave her is the key to their world.  She must use it to go on a quest to rescue Timothy from the Tube World.
6: On a Quest!  Walking for Hours
Between sleeping and such, Mei and Sara journey to the Tube World.
7: Stop!  Help!  Side Quests
It's hard to get to the Tube World if everybody wants your help...but Mei and Sara obviously don't mind stopping.
8: We've Arrived!  The Tube World Awaits
It's a mess trying to get through Tube World...because it's made out of tubes!
9: The Ten Jobs
A slew of jobs await Mei and Sara when they reach the inside of the Tube World.  Will they ever get through to Timothy?
10: The Ninth Job!  Which One is the Real Timothy?
There are three Timothys?  Mei and Sara must figure out which one is the real one.
11: Escape from Tube World!  Trapped Inside
It's impossible to get out of Tube World!  Now the boss of the place has got our heroes cornered.
12: Stuck Outside
When Mei is transported outside, it feels like it's all over...until hope arrives...
13: Hope for This World!  The Arrival of Kat
Katsumei saves the world...and finds a new friend.